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Lake Merced

Client: Outback Adventures
Size: 11 acres
Practice Areas: Architecture, Planning
Renderings: Polytech Associates Inc.
Budget: $2,879,751

Lake Merced is between 200 and 300 acres depending on the water level and is subject to a remodel in the upcoming months. The objectives for this project are to provide outdoor recreation and amenities to the Lake’s surroundings all the while:

• Enhancing public enjoyment and appreciation of the warershed’s resources
• Maintain water quality and watershed health
• Preserve the lake’s park-like, open space character
• Be compatible with the site’s particular physical characteristics and environmental sensitivities
• Provide a balanced range of uses and facilities that serves and provides access to San Francisco residents of all ages and abilities
• Provide publicly available restrooms
• Promotes uses and facilities that are complimentary to both upland and quatic areas
• Find the right business model that is nancially sustainable for the long term
• Provide opportunities for local workers, non- pro ts, and/or businesses during the design, construction, and operation phases of the project.